We believe Integrated Public Transportation should be an integral part of Canada, from local municipalities to the national level. Integrated Public Transportation starts with a vision of passenger rail maintaining reliable and convenient service connecting populated centres. Trains are connected by a network of multi-passenger public transportation vehicles linking into rail stations from outlying communities.

We see examples throughout the developed world- and most recently in the US with the revitalization of Amtrak.
We acknowledge the importance of climate change, and recognize that private vehicles are a primary source of greenhouse gases. Furthermore, the costly construction of new highways cannot keep up with increases in traffic, and, in fact, invites additional use of private vehicles.

In Stratford, in Ontario and across Canada, we know that Integrated Public Transportation not only demonstrates environmental wisdom, but that it also enables Canadians:

• to access essential education, employment, and medical support

• to engage with others in cultural and recreational pursuits, and

• to interact with family and friends.

CFUW national policy, developed in 1992, is very clear in the goals we urge for our governments:

1. Invest in public transportation to ensure frequent, reliable, convenient, affordable and universally accessible service;

2. Create incentives to encourage greater use of mass transit and discourage the use of private vehicles;

3. Mandate better co-ordination between land use planning and transportation planning to create more compact communities.