In 2012 we initiated a project called gettingthere.ca to draw attention to the diminishing intercity public transportation options for Stratford and for SW Ontario. Realizing that this issue was not unique to SW Ontario, we expanded our research to national levels.
Within this project we:

• Engage in community outreach, providing public transportation background, updates, and action opportunities, in Stratford and area, and with other CFUW clubs.

• Meet with municipal, provincial and federal government representatives to discuss public transportation.

• Meet with transportation providers, including VIA Rail, Metrolinx, and bus lines.

• Work with the City of Stratford as a partner in transportation advocacy.

• Work with SW Ontario Transportation Alliance (SWOTA), an umbrella group working toward Integrated Public Transportation throughout SW Ontario.

• Sponsored a Rail Forum in Stratford to introduce Network Southwest, a potential strategy for Integrated Public Transportation in SW Ontario.

• Assisted with Rail Forums to introduce Network Southwest in other communities.

• Participated in Provincial Bus Deregulation Hearings

• Participated in Stratford United Way transportation initiatives

• Established a working committee of community leaders committed to recreating rail culture in Stratford as part of welcoming new trains to our City (two additional VIA trains announced in June 2015), pending implementation.

• Are working with the National CFUW Advocacy Chair to request a meeting with the Federal Minister of Transportation.

• Are working with the Provincial CFUW Advocacy Chair to request a meeting with the Provincial Minister of Transportation.