Update — January 7, 2014

Sheila Clarke from CFUW will be speaking on a panel at a film screening of “De-Railed: The National Dream”, a documentary look into the state of Canada’s rail infrastructure. Hosted by E.P.I.C., the event starts at 7 p.m. on January 9th at The Local Community Food Centre, 612 Erie Street, Stratford. Details are on the movie night poster:


> A major breakthrough has taken place in Sarnia for provision of transportation to Toronto. VIA Rail has announced the renewal of an early morning train from Sarnia to London, that enables riders to reach Toronto in time for meetings and appointments in the morning. A great step forward following committed advocacy from Sarnia and a willingness to listen from VIA. Bravo!

> The Ontario Transit Investment Strategy Advisory Panel has issued its report. The Panel was chaired by Anne Golden, a prominent GTHA educator and public figure. It recommended a variety of new funding tools to fund transit expansion. Notably from a SW Ontario perspective, recommendation 14 states “That only the portion of the revenue stream attributed to the GTHA be invested in the GTHA, with revenue outside of the GTHA available for priorities elsewhere in Ontario”. We would hope those priorities would include integrated public transportation. To view the report go to www.transitpanel.ca.