Spring Update — June 18, 2014

> Upcoming: June 19 – CFUW delegation to meet with Senior Metrolinx (Go Transit) Staff; June 22 – CFUW Stratford project to be presented to CFUW National AGM Business Meeting.

> CFUW Stratford attended the most recent United Way Transportation Task Force meeting on June 17th.

> Save Via (St. Marys) continues their campaign to restore VIA service to 2012 levels and to broaden their outreach. A concert was held in St. Marys on June 7th featuring Juno award nominees Emm Gryner and Danny Michel.

> On May 19 and May 23, CFUW Stratford participated in SWOTA teleconferences, discussing cooperation and joint endeavours among transportation advocacy groups throughout Ontario.  A meeting will be held in London in June.

> A CFUW Stratford representative attended the London Chamber of Commerce meeting on April 30th. The speaker was the Hon. Glen Murray with a presentation titled “Moving Ontario Forward”. Minister Murray’s presentation described a planned GO Transit addition of high speed rail service, London to Pearson International Airport, with a stop at Kitchener/Waterloo. SWOTA (SouthWestern Ontario Transportation Association) members joined the Minister afterwards for discussion of SW Ontario public transportation needs.

> CFUW Stratford representatives attended the Toronto Board of Trade Speaker presentation by Lisa Raitt, Federal Minister of Transportation on March 18th. Minister Raitt focused primarily on rail safety for dangerous goods and economic development related to transport in a nationwide network. Mention was made of the infrastructure monies available to provinces through a variety of portfolios, which could be spent on many aspects of transportation, from roads to public transit. With public transportation seen as a provincial responsibility, this represents a departure from the previous integrated national public transportation strategy. Minister Raitt has indicated a willingness to meet with CFUW.

> CFUW attended the local United Way Transportation Task Force meeting on March 12. Discussion centred around a ride-sharing program to enable client access to services. The United Way Transportation Survey was presented, demonstrating need levels in Perth-Huron. Further information is available on the United Way Perth Huron website.

> CFUW Stratford presented “You Can’t Get There From Here”  PowerPoint to the Stratford Rotary Club meeting on February 20th. Strong interest was expressed in the topic.

> Sheila Clarke was interviewed on What’s Up Stratford on Rogers television on February 19th. She reviewed the Getting There project, our petition, highlighted affected groups, and in particular the need for cooperation at municipal, provincial and federal levels to effect integrated public transportation.