Fall Update — November 2, 2014

> Upcoming: CFUW Ontario Standing Committee meeting in January 2015. The theme topic will be Transportation, including a panel discussion and afternoon group sessions, one of which will be chaired by CFUW Stratford.

> Current initiatives include continued membership in SWOTA, the Southwest Ontario Transportation Alliance, including Sarnia, London, St. Marys and Stratford, among others. This group is restructuring under new leadership, and will also be seeking opportunities for political voice. At our last meeting in London on October 16, a decision was made to support a concept study of public transportation options and solutions in SW Ontario. Discussions of this option will return to member municipalities and organizations.

> On behalf of SWOTA, an October 17 discussion meeting in London was attended by our CFUW member with SWEA exploring economic development in SW Ontario, and the importance of transportation of both people and freight to that development.

> We continue to be represented on the United Way Transportation Task Force. This group is exploring alternatives to enable their clientele to reach services and employment. On October 9 a member attended a United Way Huron-Perth Transportation Stakeholders’ Meeting in Clinton. Discussions centred around scheduling much needed rural transportation and the possibility of utilizing available resources.

> Our petition calling on the Premier to create an integrated transportation plan for Ontario reached its goal of 500, and was submitted to Premier Wynne July 28 along with a cover letter. The Premier’s letter in response is posted here.

> CFUW National AGM, June 22: Our project and website were presented twice, once to the Ontario attendees and once to the full gathering with the website live in the background. Many, many members described similar transportation difficulties in their provinces.

> Metrolinx meeting on June 19: Leslie Woo, Vice-President, Policy, Planning and Innovation, and Bert Peverini, Chief, Rail Network Planning, met with Advocacy Committee members. The discussion centred around the transportation needs of SW Ontario, and Stratford in particular, noting the presence of the rail yards.