Update – March 7, 2015

> See the Stratford Gazette coverage of the Stratford NETWORK SOUTHWEST (NWSW) Public Forum held February 12th. It was standing room only, as 150 people came in from the cold to hear Transportation Analyst Greg Gormick present an affordable, workable integrated public transportation strategy for SW Ontario. Gormick’s concept plan was contracted by SWOTA, the South Western Ontario Transportation Alliance, an umbrella group formed of independent citizen’s groups from across SW Ontario. These groups have all developed in response to a serious concern with diminishing public transportation, as countries all over the world are increasing their transportation services.

In Stratford, CFUW and the City partnered with SWOTA to present this highly successful Forum. The evening concluded with available postcards to send to decision-makers and service providers in support of the NETWORK SOUTHWEST concept. The audience was truly attentive and extremely supportive, especially of the “high performance rail” proposal as opposed to “high speed rail”. High speed rail may be an ideal, but access is limited and the cost is very high. SW Ontario residents, and especially those at the Stratford NWSW Public Forum have indicated a need for integrated, accessible public transportation soon — very soon.

A photo gallery from the event is posted below. 

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