Updates — May 2015

> Hats off to the CFUW St. Thomas for a successful Transportation Forum on May 27th in the recently restored Canada Southern Railway Station! Greg Gormick was the speaker, outlining Network Southwest.

> CFUW Stratford gettingthere.ca welcomed an invitation to speak to CFUW Kincardine on May 25th. SW Ontario transportation was discussed, as well as the gettingthere project and Network Southwest.

> On May 20th Sheila Clarke appeared on “Daytime”, a local Kitchener television program, for an interview. She provided an overview of the transportation gap in Stratford and in SW Ontario, as well as an introduction to CFUW, the CFUW Transportation Project gettingthere.ca, and to SWOTA (Southwestern Ontario Transportation Alliance). She also briefly introduced Network Southwest which will be the focus of a 2nd interview on June 8th.

> In early May, CFUW representatives had separate meetings with Randy Pettapiece, MPP, Perth-Wellington federal Conservative Candidate John Nater and Stephen McCotter, federal Liberal Candidate. These meetings were requested to discuss Network Southwest and the current involvement of SWOTA and gettingthere.ca. The public transportation needs of Stratford and of all of SW Ontario were the primary focus of the discussion. The importance of these concerns was noted as critical to future policy. Mr. Pettapiece has indicated intent to promote the two levels of government and service deliveries (Metrolinx and VIA) working together.