Update – Meeting with Mayor Mathieson

CFUW Stratford Vice-President Cambria Ravenhill, Louise McColl, Advocacy Committee Chair, and Sheila Clarke, gettingthere.ca, met with Mayor Mathieson, Rob Horne, CAO, and Stephanie Potter, Research and Policy Analyst. Topics of discussion concerned recent grant applications under the Community Transportation opportunity, and ways in which CFUW can continue to promote Stratford integrated public transportation initiatives.

Stratford proposals for intercity networks were acknowledged and welcomed. CFUW, Stratford also recognized the recent new bus routing proposals that enable en route transfers and connections to external providers as positive steps in enabling convenient public transportation options for all residents.

Potential for links beyond Perth County to other counties at some point in the future were discussed as well, along with potential impacts of HSR to our region. Gettingthere.ca continued to urge cooperation among all providers of transportation, including national and provincial, municipal governments and commercial services in an integrated network.