Update — June, 2015

VIA Announcement: 6:30 AM Train Boarding in Stratford, en route to Toronto! On June 16, the Stratford Chamber of Commerce in partnership with CFUW welcomed VIA President Yves Desjardins-Siciliano to … Read More

Update — June 2015

> Upcoming June 16th: Stratford and District Chamber of Commerce Round Table and luncheon featuring VIA Rail President Desjardins-Siciliano. This is an opportunity to discuss the critical importance of public transportation needs to the … Read More

Updates — May 2015

> Hats off to the CFUW St. Thomas for a successful Transportation Forum on May 27th in the recently restored Canada Southern Railway Station! Greg Gormick was the speaker, outlining … Read More

Update — April 2015

> The CFUW Transportation project, gettingthere.ca, was a member of the SWOTA (Southwestern Ontario Transportation Alliance) delegation at a Chamber of Commerce luncheon on April 28th in London. The guest … Read More

Update — March, 2015

> Sheila Clarke from CFUW Stratford made a presentation to Stratford City Council on March 23rd seeking support for the NETWORK SOUTHWEST plan to improve and expand passenger train service … Read More

Update — March, 2015

> Following a series of public forums across the region, the Southwestern Ontario Transportation Alliance unveiled its Network Southwest public transportation action plan on March 18, 2015, in St. Marys. Al … Read More

Update — March, 2015

> Via rail president Yves Desardins-Siciliano met with three representatives of CFUW Stratford in Toronto on Wednesday, March 11. Wendy McNaughton, Marianne VandenHeuvel, and Sheila Clarke represented the CFUW transportation project, … Read More

Update – March 7, 2015

> See the Stratford Gazette coverage of the Stratford NETWORK SOUTHWEST (NWSW) Public Forum held February 12th. It was standing room only, as 150 people came in from the cold to hear Transportation … Read More

Update — January 29, 2015

> Upcoming: NETWORK SOUTHWEST public forum events to share a plan for reviving Southwestern Ontario’s public transportation system. Please attend! As NETWORK SOUTHWEST goes from the drawing table to the halls of government and … Read More

Winter Update — January 28, 2015

> United Way Perth Huron Transportation Task Force: As follow-up to the Stakeholders’ meeting in October, the Task Force is exploring the concept of corridor buses, to bring residents of outlying … Read More